👋 Hello World!

I'm a DevOps Engineer equivalent of a superhero, except instead of a cap, I wear a hoodie. And instead of fighting crime, I'm fighting Downtime.

🧐 Some Things About Me:

🤔 I'm a DevOps Engineer, but my family and friends still don't really understand what I do.

They just know that I have a lot of stickers on my laptop and that I talk about Linux, Jenkins a lot.

💓 I'm committed with Git.

🐳 Sometimes I put certain things in the Container.

☸ And sometimes I even become the Captain (Jack Sparrow) managing containers on my own.

📉 When the Network is down, I'm all alone with my thoughts. 🥹

💬 Favourite Quote: "If you don't wake up everyday with a burning desire to do things, you don't have enough goals." - Lou Holtz